What do I need to do before visiting your office?
Please contact us by phone before hand if you plan to visit our head office so that we can lock-in your time and give you our undivided attention.

How can I give a feedback about a product or service?
For feedback and comments about a service, please use the form on the contact page of our website. For feedback about a particular product, please leave reviews on that product’s page on our store.

I have an idea about a product that I think will help other students/ hobbyists/ researchers /roboticists with their experiments and projects. Can you help?
If you think that your idea is really going to solve a problem that many people involved in this field face, and we think it is a viable product, then we’d be more than happy to collaborate with you on the project and help with making the product available to a wider audience. Just send an email to office@jmoon.co with subject: “Idea for [your product]“, with details and list of the features you think the product should have.

I want to become one of your suppliers. How can I get in touch?
If you want your product(s) to reach people across India and abroad, and want us to sell them for your company through our online store, you can get in touch with us through contact form, Email or Phone.

I want to learn about a topic that is not offered by you. What do I do?
If you would like to add a new module to the existing ones on our website we will get you the best qualified teacher for the topic you want to learn, with hands-on projects. To get in touch, send an email to learn@jmoon.co with subject: “Topics I want to learn – [Topic Name]“, with a list and details of all the topics you are interested in learning mentioned in the body of the email.

How can I create my own long-term course?
You can combine various courses listed on the JMoon L.A.B.S. into one single course. All topics that are covered and the projects you make during the course period will be reflected on your certificate.

I want to organize a Robotics related seminar/workshop at my college. Can you help?
Yes! We offer robotics related seminars and workshops for students during normal college working days and also at college fests. These seminars and workshops vary in duration depending on the type of topic. The registration fees for these depends on a number of factors, including but not limited to- the duration of the workshop, take-away kit, number of students attending, and more. All you need to do is have the Head of Department (or other college employee/ student body in-charge of organizing such events) send an email to office@jmoon.co with the subject: “Workshop – [Type of Course]“, and we’ll get in touch to wrinkle out all the details.

Will you sponsor a robotics related event at my college fest?
Yes! We are happy to sponsor any amazing Robotics related events happening anywhere in India. Just have the in-charge of the fest or event send an email to office@jmoon.co with the subject: “Fest Event – [College/University Name]“, with the details of what you need to get your Robotics event started.

I want to do a 2-month/ 3-month/ 6-month internship at your company. How can I apply?
Check out the internship opportunities on the career page. If you want to know about opportunities beyond the ones mentioned, or want to apply for one of the opportunities, send an email to office@jmoon.co with the subject: “Internship Requirement – [Your current degree] – [2/3/6 month internship]“, with an attached copy of your detailed updated resume, mentioning all your amazing skills, and focusing mainly on- programming languages, IDEs, software, robot platforms, operating systems you are comfortable with along with projects you’ve previously worked on. Also mention any other detail you think might help us choose you. If any of your projects are available online at a blog or website, please make sure the links to these projects are included in the resume or email.

I’m looking for a job in the Robotics sector. Are you hiring?
We are constantly seeking to hire talented and hardworking people to our company. For details check out the available job opportunities on the career page. Even if a position is not available according to your skill set, we might just need your expertize. So don’t hesitate to ask. Send an email to office@jmoon.co with the subject: “Job Requirement – [Name and Field of the last degree you did]“, along with an attached copy of your detailed updated resume, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

I’d like to share ideas and knowledge about Robotics, or seek advice on topics ranging from further studies to cool new international projects, the current market and more.
You can get in touch with us on Facebook and we’d be happy to share our knowledge and experiences with you. Also, be sure to include your contact details in the message, if you want to stay regularly informed about the current world of Robotics.

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