JMoon Technologies provides a variety of services in robotics to students, universities and other companies.

Coding & Prototyping Services to companies which need help in creating hardware based prototypes, or libraries, example codes, and applications for their existing products OR students who need help and guidance with their projects. Our team’s areas of expertise include C/C++, Python, Embedded ‘C’, Arduino, MATLAB, RobotC, RoboPlus, Microsoft Robotics Studio and more.

Seminars & Workshops for schools and colleges that want to increase students’ interest, and get them excited about robotics. Topics can be anything related to robotics, like- Embedded Systems, Digital Image Processing, Computer Vision, MATLAB, Arduino, Robot Arms, Bipeds, Humanoids and more. Click here for complete list of workshops.

Trainings & Internships for students interested in robotics. Trainings are provided during summer- and winter- vacations, while the short-term courses can be pursued year-round. Internships are available for highly talented students who possess the right skills and want to work on live projects. Click here for complete list of training courses.

Sponsoring of robotics related projects, fests or events being held in universities all over India.

To know more about some of our past services, click here.