Our aim is to improve robotics in India. How are we doing this?

1. Exploring latest applications in Robotics and creating new robots for use in households. The JMoon L.A.B.S. R&D department is dedicated to solving problems like Mapping, Localization, Image and Video Processing, Artificial Intelligence and more. We also design & manufacture electronics hardware solutions, and mechanical prototypes for research, learning & hobby purposes.

2. By introducing young minds in India to the field of Robotics, in a way never attempted before. The skill development division of JMoon L.A.B.S., offers one of a kind radical & practical certified workshops, suitable for all robotics enthusiasts – beginners as well as advanced learners from Computer Science, Electronics and Mechanical backgrounds, at our in-house MakerSpace, which is accessible to everyone. We encourage open dialogue and exchange of innovative ideas at the makerspace.

3. Giving enthusiasts in India access to the latest international products, at competitive prices. Our online robotic store, RoboRium - The Robot Emporium, features products for robotics, home-automation and wearable electronics applications from international and domestic manufacturers, which are delivered to customers all over the world at the lowest possible prices in India. RoboRium.com also has the cheapest shipping prices of any online electronics or robotics store in India.

4. Giving makers and startups working on latest technologies a platform to sell easily. Maker Mandi gives individuals, makerspaces, startups and established companies the ability to add product(s) quickly, and sell it to a wider audience. The sellers can promote themselves, their products, or custom services through the blog on the website. Makerspaces and Startups get featured on the front page, for FREE, by simply signing up as a seller and adding product(s) to the website.