Past Services

1. Library, example codes with detailed manual for Dexter Industries’ WiFi Shield for Arduino, created by Jasmeet Singh.
2. Detailed ‘How To’ tutorial on “Using Debugger Stream in RobotC” and its example code.
3. Example codes and documentation, with details, on how to use the Dexter Industries’ dGPS with the updated library (compatible with Arduino IDE version 1.0.1 and higher).

1. Seminar on Robotics and Technology at Department of Computer Science, University of Delhi.
2. Seminar on Embedded Systems and Robotics at World Institute of Technology, Sonepat. Affiliated to Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak, HSBTE, Panchkula.

1. Supporter of FutureBots Humanoid Lab.
2. Supporter of Roboy humanoid project by The Artificial Lab of University of Zuerich. Click Here for details.
3. Organized and Sponsored the robot hurdle racing event (roBOLT), at Sankalan, 2013 at University of Delhi. Click Here for details.
4. Co-Associate Sponsor of Sankalan, 2014 at University of Delhi. Click Here for details.
5. Title Sponsor of Tech Expo, 2014 at HMR Institute of Technology and Management. Click Here for details.
6. Sponsor of SRM Team Humanoid, SRM University, Chennai.